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What is CaseBank? CaseBank is a computer program containing over 20,000 case summaries covering virtually every significant holding of every published California Appellate Opinion since 1991, plus over 2500 case summaries from cases before 1991. If you look in CaseBank for the case you need, you’ll find it, or it doesn’t exist.

How current is CaseBank?   CaseBank Updates are available for downloading once a month.

What Subjects are covered in CaseBank?   Every subject of interest to an attorney practicing criminal law. Criminal Procedure; Criminal Law; Evidence; Search & Seizure; Juvenile Law; Sentencing; Pre-trial and Post-trial motions; Trial Issues, and Attorney Ethics.

How easy is it to use CaseBank?  No manual is needed. You simply look at the screen, review your choices, and point-and-click on your selection.

Does CaseBank rely on word searches?   While CaseBank permits you to do word searches, it does not rely on that method to find cases. CaseBank guides you to the case you are looking for by taking you step-by-step through a four-level index system. All the possible index choices are presented before you. You simply read the choices and choose the one you wish. By your fourth "point-and-click," you have found your case.

Will CaseBank save me time?   You can find that single on-point case you need in under 30 seconds.

Does CaseBank need wifi to run?  You need wifi only to install. CaseBank's database resides on your device.  You can use it anywhere.

Does CaseBank supply the full text of cases?   No, just a brief summary of the case holding.

Can CaseBank help me keep current on the law?   Each monthly Update permits you to read the holdings of the past thirty days. You can read them on the screen, or print them out for reading at a later time.

What does CaseBank cost?   CaseBank is FREE

How do I get CaseBank?    Go to our download page and download it.